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Fast audio-testing at your finger-tips. Renowned for quality and reliability, Lindos test sets can be used to test everything from lines and satellite links to speakers and computer sound-cards.

Front view of Lindos LA100 at Totally TechnicalFront view of Lindos Minisonic MS20 at Totally TechnicalFront view of Lindos Minisonic MS10 at Totally Technical

Lindos Audio Test Sets

Lindos currently produce two hardware based analogue test sets, the LA100 and the MiniSonic.
The LA100 has long been established as the industry standard audio test set within the broadcast industry. It consists of a seperate oscillator and measuring set. Like all of Lindos's test sets, the LA100 analyses audio quality by generating a precise audio test signal and then measuring the deviations from this ideal, in the signal coming out of the equipment under test.

Available in three formats, the MiniSonic provides a cost effective, portable test solution. The MS20 comes complete with a bright OLED screen making it ideal for stand-alone use. The MS10 provides the same measurement functions as the MS20, but displays information on an LED bar graph. The MS10 is therefore ideal for bench applications where a desktop or laptop computer running Lin4Win is available. T
he MS1 is an MS10 without Sequence testing.

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